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July 19, 2010: 6 months and counting!!!

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It's been six months already! WOW! Can't believe how fast it seems to be going. Daniel continues to learn English very quickly and is basically fluent. He can sing his ABC song perfectly and is now learning to recognize the individual letters. Right now he can recognize A, C, L, M, O, P, Q, R, S, and W. He gets K and X and little confused, but he's almost mastered those too. He can also recognize the numbers 1-5, and several shapes: circle, square, triangle and sometimes rectangle. He talks non-stop from waking until it's time to go to sleep and is now using full sentences, expressing his feelings and very interested in "making conversation".

He has grown more than 2 inches and we can see that we are already going to be having to sort some clothes come fall. Despite stuffing copious amounts of food down him, he doesn't seem to be gaining much weight on his slim frame. We actually had an incident one evening where we were walking into a restaurant, and we noticed people chuckling as we approached. We could tell they we looking down at Daniel so we bent our heads down only to discover that his shorts had ended up around his ankles! too funny.

Speaking of restaurant, I continue to be amazed at his willingness to eat a variety of foods. He doesn't always "like" them the first time around, but usually the second time he has something then he likes it. We take him along with us to all our culinary favorites including Thai and Mexican restaurants and he does just fine. He even eats Spicy Pumpkin Coconut soup! His favorites are pizza (what is it with kids and pizza!) all kinds of fruit and veggies, pasta, Chinese dumplings and anything sweet!  

He continues to love Sunday School and we are planning on enrolling him in Junior Kindergarten this fall.  I am sure he will love going to school, socializing with the other children and charming the teachers. While I am in need of the break, I know I will miss having him around 24/7. He's a great little companion in the car and on shopping trips; and I will miss our lunch dates together.

He loves the outdoors and is very active. He is a natural swimmer, rides his tricycle on his own, plays t-ball in the back yard and has good stamina for walking long distances (especially if we are at the zoo or amusement park)

Of course, like many children, Daniel has a amusing perspective on life. He has informed us that when he gets bigger he will get to do some of the things that Mama and Papa get to do: use the salt shaker, pick up the cat and just the other day he informed me that when he gets bigger he will drive the car while Mama sits in the back seat and we will go shopping and he will push the cart and Mama will sit in it! lol! (I'm not too sure about that last one.)

He has embraced the Canadian lifestyle to it's fullest and it is such a blessing to share his joy! 

March 13, 2010

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Well, it's March 13th and unfortunately we are in Canada. We were supposed to be in Florida with Baba and Gido Nieczyporuk and Zielonko, but Daniel's Canadian Citizenship card has not come through yet. We got in touch with the people at the Citizenship and Immigration office and they tell us that they have recieved our information and have begun processing on March 8th. So we are currently stuck in bureaucratic purgatory :(


On a happier note, we have had a fun an exhausting month with Daniel. We added to the list of Daniel's "firsts" by taking him iceskating (Baba and Gido Z bought him strap on ice skates!). He did better and lasted longer than we thought he would! We also took him to Fantasy Fair (an indoor childrens amusement park) with his cousin Mary, where he went on his first Carousel and many other rides! We also did a trip with the Zielonko home schooling gang to the Ontario Science Center with his cousins Brandon, Justin, Matthew, Curtis, Samantha, Dylan and Rachel! We have been quite busy!


Daniel continues to pick up the English language and understands nearly everything we say to him these days. He is very into having his own "things" and proclaims that nearly everything is his. One evening while we were eating dinner, one of the cats was batting around a balloon on that was on the floor. Daniel tried to get our attention in the hopes that we would confiscate the balloon from the cat. When he realized that we were not interested in interrupting our dinner to accomodate such a request he let the cat know who was in charge with a difinitive: "Hey cat! dats Danny's balloon!" I nearly laughed myself silly.


Daniel is also seems to think that we are all peers (or at least he is hoping that is the case).  I was quite amused one day when much to his objection I asked him yet again to put his puzzle in the cupboard; he responded by pointing his little finger up stairs and said: "Mama, bed!"  In hindsight, I should have taken him up on his offer!!


So here are a few (ok many!) photo hightlight of the last couple weeks!













February 19: 1 Month!!!

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One month ago today we were headed home from Ukraine! Now that all seems like a dream. At this point it would seem like a good time to reflect on all that we have been through, learned and experienced.


Daniel is learning things so quickly I can hardly keep up some days. He has (for the most part) learned the ABC song and now we are trying to make the connection between the song and the actual letters. He can count comfortabally up to 12, then the teens all get muddled together. He is doing 24 piece puzzles with minor verbal assistance from Mama. I am noticing that he is starting to do a little more individual play which is a relief for me! He understands the majority of what I say to him and he is starting to use short three word sentences in English. His favorite being: "Come on Mama!" His little mind is just going all the time! He has also gained .7 lbs and has noticably better flexibility and stamina when it comes to activity.


Much to my delight, certain curiosities has subsided, such a pulling the toilet paper off the roll and turning the TV on and off and on and off and on and..... you know. Light switches are still an issue. We are trying to teach him that the light doesn't need to get turned on when the sun is awake. As a result, I have been told many times: "Mama, sun; light off" while trying to do my makeup in the bathroom. Oh well, guess I'll just wing it in the dark! lol


As is the case with all children, he has said some funny things over the last month. One day while we were in the bathroom for a kaka (poop), he announced that he was done. Upon inspection, I saw that in fact, the porcelin bowl was empty. When I asked him where the kaka was, he told me: "kaka sleeps". Another time when I was getting lunch ready, I asked him if he wanted a hot dog. He looked at me rather quizically so I pulled out the package to remind him what they were to which he exclaimed: "Diesel, Diesel" (Diesel is our dog). No Daniel, we don't eat our pets. Then he wouldn't eat it because he thought it was hot (as in "hot" dog) Aye aye aye aye aye! What a misnomer the hot dog is! I thought about changing the verbage to sausage, but it's too late. He know's it as hot dog now. Daniel LOVES to be on the phone and will often get on to tell Baba N: "Hello", to sing his ABC song or the ocational announcement that: "Daniel go to pee pee" There's no doubt in my mind that Baba is thrilled to know this!


Yesterday Daniel went on his first trip to the zoo! Many animals were off display for the winter, but he was thrilled to see his first elephants, tigers, lions, and monkeys in the flesh .... well, some in the fur I guess!  He wanted to pet the Tiger, and to be truthful, so did I. He did get to sit on an elephant and hippo though (see pictures below!) Oh! and he got to meet his first snake at an indoor playground the other day while on a play date with his Ukrainian "girlfriend" Leyla. (Leyla's Mom and I met through our adoption agency and Leyla is only a few months younger than Daniel so they make great playmates.) Daniel also got to meet many relatives (on both sides of the family!) on a trip out to Chatham last weekend. He had a great time playing with his 2nd cousins: Bella (3+) and Abby (1+).  Daniel also got to visit with his 7 cousins that live down the road the other day. They are so good with him, showing and teaching Daniel how to use their toys, etc. He has ten 1st cousins total and he is learning their names quite well. We are hoping his Canadian citizenship paperwork comes through soon so he can go to meet his American relatives too!


A few pictures from our trip to the zoo!:




February 7, 2010

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Well, we've almost made it to the three week mark! Things continue to be good here and Daniel is adjusting well. Today Duane took him to Sunday School at church and was able to leave him there and return to the adult service. When Duane returned to pick him up they said Daniel did very well, and judging from all the marker on his pants, I think he did a craft, although he forgot it! After church we took him to our Social Worker's PRIDE class (a class required for the adoption process in Ontario which explains to the parents some of the emotional, developmental and additional needs an adopted child may experience). We got to show Daniel off to the prospective adoptive parents and talk about our experience adopting from Ukraine. Daniel was quite the energetic little fella as usual. There was even one couple there who are working with our agency and adopting from Ukraine as well! It's hard to believe that just one year ago we were sitting in those very same seats at class, and now we are frantically running after Daniel at almost every waking moment! lol.

Otherwise, I can see improvement in Daniel's behavior. He doesn't seem to be "testing" us quite as much. Things like toilet paper and the refrigerator as far less interesting to him than they were 2 weeks ago. He is struggling with our dog, Diesel, who Daniel seems to think is lurking around every corner or in every dark room. The last three mornings, I have had trouble getting him to eat brakfast because he knows, then we get dressed and go out and that's where Diesel is (although Diesel is always in the cage when we go outside). I don't think getting rid of Diesel at this point would really be the solution, because the fear is in Daniel's head, even though he can't see Diesel. If we go out to Diesel's cage, Daniel is quite content to say hello and bye bye to the dog, wave, and watch the dog, etc. I guess they will just take some getting used to. There were a lot of stray dogs in Ukraine, it is likely that the nurses at the orphanage probably made a big deal about the children staying away from the dogs when they were outside in the play yard.

Elmo is Daniel's new passion (and mine to!). The only way I can slip out of the room for a moment is to put in an Elmo DVD in, allowing me to run downstairs and throw some clothes in the wash or wood on the fire, or maybe get dinner started. Daniel usually has his Elmo time in the afternoon, with a snack that can consist or an array of fruits or vegetables. He will sit almost perfectly still, appearing mezmerized by the high pitched, furry, red monster, and Mama gets a much needed moment of peace (he is watching Elmoe right now! allowing me a few minutes to update the blog!!)

So things seem to be falling into a bit of a pattern here which is great. I think we are on the right road, even if it does feel as if we are moving at a snails pace some days.

January 29, 2010

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One whole week has past. WOW!  Daniel is doing very well adjusting to his new life. This is not to say that there hasn't been challenges for us all, but things are going well. Everything is new to him and he requires constant supervision. I can't even go to the next room to grab his sippy cup or somthing without him having a minor meltdown. He is learning English at break neck speed. He can count to about seven (although lately he has been ommiting the number 3) He know's most of his basic colors, including purple! He knows several animals including Penguin which he pronounces "eng-win".  He loves to eat and usually eats more than I do for breakfast! Oatmeal is a real pleaser, as are eggs. He really enjoies his fruit and raw veggies too.


Rides in the car are pure heaven and the only time that he actually sits still and is somewhat quiet. He loved Sunday School at church which is great. He was so excited to see the other children and sing songs with hand motions, etc. I think he missed being around the other children and that may be the hardest part for him. His total environment is different and while he is happy and thriving, I think it is still a little unsettling. He continues to sleep through the nights (thank God!) Although I have found him on the floor once and often turned upside down with his head where his feet should go and visa versa. This is pretty much how I slept as a child. lol. He has been sleeping a little longer the last two nights which is a huge relief and gives me a few minutes to be typing this blog!


I just discovered that another couple from Toronto is adopting from the same orphanage! I am anxious for them to come home and maybe have a playdate and see if Daniel recognizes him. Of course there were 80 children in Daniel's orphanage so I don't know if they ever played together. He is about 6 months younger than Daniel.


I finally found my camera cord to download pictures!!! (although I have to admit the suitcases are not put away yet, Oy!) So here are a few picts:


Chillin' with the pilots on the plane home.


Finally home on the farm!

January 22, 2010

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Daniel has been settling in quite well. Of course everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) is new to him and so it is constant monitoring to make sure he doesn't do something dangerous. On the up side, he wears himself out so much durring the day that he has crashed the last two nights with hardly a wimper or protest; and he has slept through the whole night without waking up!


Both Daniel and I survived our fist day without Papa yesterday. We stayed in the house all day. I just wanted him to have a chance to become more accustomed with his new environment. Today I'm planning on taking him out, do a few errands and maybe a little trip to the park for some exercise.


Both Duane and I can't believe how much more mature Daniel seems vs. when we first met him, just over a month ago. Even his physical appearance seems to have matured but that may also be in part to the proper fitting (boys) clothes. He continues to learn lots of new words. We are working on colors right now and he has blue and orange down pat, occationally he gets green, and the others we are still working on. We added Pig to the list of animals he knows and he likes to go through the alphabet books and hear me sing the alphabet song.


He insistes on having the TV or radio on for background noise, but he has very little interest in the actual TV show (I have mixed emotions about this, as it would be nice to have him a little distracted from time to time but at the same time I don't want him to be obcessed with the black box.)


Our paperwork journey is still not complete as we have to sign him up for insurance, complete citizenship, take him down to the Ukrainian Embassy to be registered and get a Canadian Passport. It's been hard for me to find a moment to address any of these things since he is not interested in taking his nap (too much to see and do around this new house of his!!)


We are well though and God is good.

Januray 20, 2010; Day 1 (again!)

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We're Home!!!!!

Still suffering from jet lag so you are going to have to bare with me! lol. Yesterday morning in Kiev, Duane headed off to take Daniel's passport to the Canadian Embassy at 8:45. At this point we still didn't know if we would be making our flight that afternoon! It was supposed to take 2 hours to get the visa put in, but in fact it only took about 1/2 hour because they had dropped off some paperwork the day before which helped to expedite the process. He returned and 10:30 or so and announced that we would be picked up in 1/2 hour! 1/2 hour!!! I wasn't exactly in a position to be ready in 1/2 hour. Our driver showed up, and he was quite anxious because there were no parking spots and he was blocking 3 other cars in their spaces. So he grabbed one suit case and headed back downstairs so his car didn't get towed. We scrambled to get the rest of our stuff packed and in a whirlwind, we were out the door heading for the airport, heading for home!! The drive to the airport is a good 40 minutes (in good traffic) It was a little sad to have been rushed there at the end. I wasn't able to get picts of the apartment, which I had wanted nor was there time to pause and reflect. But you do what you gotta do! We got to the airport (which is quite small, especially compared to the Toronto or Philadelphia Airports which we are more accustomed to. The first step through the airport is a a guard which basically filters people out allowing only people who have flights within a couple hours into the ticket area. The guard asked me what our destination was, I told her Canada, she asked again, I answered her again, she asked a third time, at which point Duane clued into what she was really asking and responded Toronto. (As if she couldn't have changed her question to "what city?", she spoke perfect english) Then she told us the Toronto flight was not ready. We told her our flight was in 2 hours and then somehow it dawned on us to tell her that we have a connection in Frankfurt to which she made a snarky remark to the effect of "oh, Frankfurt is in Canada?" and let us through. This was really the first of this kind of behavior we got in Ukraine. Nearly all the people were very nice. I guess the idea of being a "guard" went to her head a little.


We got to the ticket booth and waited in line. Daniel was very good and played with the luggage handle on the bag of the man behind us. Then from a few feet back a Grandmother aged woman whips out a package of cookies for Daniel. It was a great distraction for the next 20 minutes or so and made a huge impression on Daniel who probably would have traded us in for her at that moment. Turned out she flew with us from Kiev to Frankfurt and then on to Toronto so we saw her several times through the airports and planes and we dubbed her as Daniel's "honorary Baba". We got our boarding passes, through security and arrived at customs, where a steel faced woman took our passports, adoption certificate and Daniel's birth certificate back to her supervisor to get approval. By the time she returned we had Daniel sitting on the front of the counter and his little grin melted her heart and she even broke a smile for him.


Finally we were ready to board the plane. When Daniel got on the plane he saw the cockpit and Ooooooo.... in he went. The pilots let him look around (they were very brave) they turned lightd on and off for him and he seemed mezmerized by all the dials, buttons and lights. He was quite cooperative all the way. We got our seats, buckled in. We took off and he seemed a little startled, but ok. About 1/2 hour into our 2 1/2 hour flight he decided he didn't want his seatbelt on. And about 1/2 hour after that he started making screaming sound I would only expected to hear if he were having teeth pulled. This continued for a very, very, very, long time. Although he was fine at take off, now the poor little guys ears were killing him. Duane eventually took him to the back of the plane to bless them with Daniel's serenade for a while and eventually returned with a very cried out little boy and a juice box of orange juice. After this trauma, getting him onto the next plane was not a picinic, because he knew what was coming. I thought for sure that he hated us and we would never recover from that moment as we drug him down the ramp to the plane. We were worried since this was the long flight at about 8 hours. He did really well on the trans atlantic flight though. The had the built in TV's which he pussed all the buttons for a million times until he finally conked out for a 3 hour nap. Ahhhhh. During the landing when he had to wear his seatbelt he performed another Hallelujah Chorus, displaying his vocal talent, but fortunately it was short lived. God certainly answered our prayers on that flight! I don't know what I would have done if he would have screemed for 8 hours straight.

We arrived in Canada, went to customs where the lady there didn't know anything about the adoptoin process so we were sent to Immigration. Fortunately the line there was short and we had a very nice gentleman who knew exactly what to do and we were through in no time. Got our bags and went out to greet Aunt Cynthia who had come to pick us up and greeted Daniel with a little stuffed cow. A great choice since that is one of the animals he knows the English word for. She picked us up with our car (since we already had the car seat in it) so we took her back to her house where Daniel got to meet Mary, one of his 10 cousins, and Uncle Tony. Daniel was thrilled to see someone his own size (Mary is 4 1/2) and they played "tee party" which clearly Daniel was accustomed to playing, probably because he seemed to be the only boy in his group in Ukraine.


We finally got home around 11:00 pm, exhausted beyound belief. Since we have been up for 23 hours by that time. We took Daniel up to his new room and showed him around and then put him to bed (which went way better than I anticipated) The poor little guy has been moved around so much in the last week it's ridiculous. But my prayer for him has been many things but that mostly he would be resilient and he certainly has been.


Today we showed him around the rest of the house. We took him over to meet Uncle Nick and Aunt Jen and his seven cousins. He had a good time playing with all the kids (and with their toys!) and he even got a whole fleet of big metal construction vehicles as a belated Chritmas gift! I am sure they will get lots of use when Papa builds him a sand box this summer.


Afterwards it was off to the grocery store and Canadian tire to run a few errands. He really enjoyed being pushed around in the cart, for which I am so happy about. And we even got to have a pretty civilzed lunch / dinner at one of our favorite Thai restaurants!! YUM! That was one thing I deffinately missed in Kiev!

Oh! and Daniel is also doing really well with the whole car seat thing! I am suprised since he doesn't have much experience in the car and considering how much he hated the seatbelt in the airplane, but I am thrilled to pieces that this is not an issue we have to battle with!!! YEA!

Our little guy went out pretty quick this evening after his busy day. He actually almost fell asleep at the dinner table!

Our adoption journey is over, but our family journey has just begun. I will post some more picts in a day or two (got to find where I packed the camera!)

In the meantime, here's a pict of Daniel with his new cousin Mary!

January 18, 2010; Day 35

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2:00 PM:

Day 35, really? I can hardly believe we have been here for a month. In a way it's all one big blur, the weekends having little to no relevance aside from the reduced amount of traffic on the roads. And even with the New Year’s Celebration, December seems to have blurred into January.


It's been a pretty trying day here. Daniel took an hour to get to sleep last night. He first tried telling me nicely that he didn't want to go to sleep, then tried to divert the attention away from the bedroom with trips to the bathroom for both pee pee and kakit. Then he protested a little more dramatically. Finally he settled down and an hour after we started he was finally asleep. It didn't last long though as he was up by 6:00am! Oy! I tried for an hour to get him to go back to sleep without success and so we all got up around 7:00. I don't blame him, I don't sleep well when I'm not at home either.


Duane went with Irena this morning (while I stayed with Daniel at the apartment) to go to the Canadian Embassy, got some paperwork notarized and somewhere else, I'm too tired to remember! lol. Daniel and I went for a nice looooooooooong walk through the park. We stopped to feed the birds which he was very interested in but too skittish to keep his hand extended with the sunflower seeds when the little chick-a-dee approached. He did well though; a little girl beside him just through the seed I gave her on the ground! On the way home Daniel had a little melt down because he was so tired and I ended up having to carry him several blocks (my arms feel like rubber now! I can hardly type! lol) We got home started lunch, Duane arrived home so we had to interrupt lunch to go down and let him in the apartment building and then come back and resume eating.


Finally! nap time for Daniel. He protested the idea yesterday, but we prevailed and he had a 1.5 hour nap. I thought today he would be running to the bedroom after lunch, but no such luck. The protesting was much diminished over other days though. A little juice, a trip to the bathroom (unnecessary as it turned out) and a little rocking and he was ready to go. Ahhhhh, finally, peace and quiet! VRRRRR!!!!!!! VRRRRRRR!!!!! VRRRRRRR!!!!!!.... what is THAT NOISE? No joke! our neighbor started in with an hammer drill (mini jack hammer) or something of the sort not 2 minutes after Daniel fell asleep and it's still going (which is why I'm not napping at this very moment) It's like some bad joke. If I wasn't here to hear it I would hardly believe it. Fortunately, Daniel is out so hard he doesn't seem to hear it.


We still aren't sure if we are coming home tomorrow. We are waiting for Slava to call and see if Daniel's passport is ready. To pack or not to pack....... that is the question!



5:00 PM

OK, so the good news is that we got Daniel's passport!!!!! Woo hoo. We're not out of the woods quite yet though. Traffic was so bad that Vadim, Irena and Duane wouldn't be able to make it to the Canadian Embassy in time before they closed and so Duane and Vadim will be going to go tomorrow morning for 9:00AM. The Embassy needs about 2 hours to get the visa into the passport; which would take us to about 11:00AM and our flight is scheduled for 2:05 PM. Talking about down to the wire!!! So, you all can figure out what we need prayer for. Timing is critical!!!



9:15 PM

Daniel has been picking up English words left, right and center. He learns then 5 or 6 at a time. He knows several animals, body parts and we are working on colors and counting. I am learning to speak Russian like a three year old! I know words and phrases like: "no more", "again" "Daniel doesn't want to sleep", "Daniel needs to go pee pee", "Daniel wants a drink" and "Give Mama a hug". I don't know that they will ever help me in the future; well, maybe that last one will. :) He is fast asleep now, unaware of the big plans for tomorrow! I hope all goes well on the plane. He is a "spirited" little fella who likes to move around a lot. And, yes we did bring Gravol!!!



I will miss Kiev. With such a life changing event that we have experienced here and given the duration of our stay, it will surely always be a part of Duane and I. I am admittedly a little sad, but excited about the idea of coming home.



January 16, 2009; Day 33

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Hello all! Laura is back tonight!



I was so tuckered out last night I just had no energy and Duane really wanted to let everyone know what happened that day so I turned things over to him and I think he did a splendid job! I think I was the one that was over stimulated Thursday evening and I didn't get a wink of sleep. Last night was much better though. Speaking of sleep, our little Daniel is off in dream land, his stuffed dog, Boyrka, under his arm. He was not very pleased with the idea of going down for a nap this afternoon, but he goes to bed quite easily at night. Took him a while to fall asleep tonight; about 1/2 hour, and he wants me to be there until he falls asleep (which I don't mind at all). I'm just thrilled that the last 3 nights have been so successful with him being in an unknown environment and all! I was surprised when Thursday night he woke up about 2 hours after he went to sleep asking for Mama! And then this morning he woke and I heard him ask for Papa. I am glad to hear him call our names and know that he understands where he is and who to ask for.



Today we bummed around the apartment until about noon, when we got Daniel all dressed up in undies, long johns, socks, t-shirt, button down shirt, sweater, snow pants, jacket, toque, gloves, and shoes (it was -11C! Brrrrr) and just as we were about to go out the door ..... you guessed it! ..... "Danna pee pee". Oy! lol. Gotta love it though. On our second attempt we actually got out the apartment and we walked all the way to the playground which is about 4 blocks away. Quite a distance for a little guy who has spent most of his life in about 3 rooms. He loved the park, especially the slide which was coated with ice and he rocketed down it so fast I thought for sure he would break out in screams and tears, but at the bottom, I found him smiling and laughing, and so of course we did that several times more. After the park we went to Mr. Snack for lunch. By now we are about 2 hours late for lunch so Daniel is good and hungry and also tired from all the activity. He was a total angel at lunch. I couldn't have wished for him to be better. He ate about 90% of his sandwich as well as some milk and cucumber slices (he loves them!) that we brought with us.



He had a bath again this evening. It really seems to settle him down and relaxes him, getting him ready for bed. This has been our routine for the last three nights and tonight he caught on to the routine, telling me he didn't want to go to bed (at least I think that's what he said!) But I gave him some milk and we had a little cuddle and I rocked him a bit and then he went into bed quite cooperatively.



He seems to be getting much more adjusted to us (and us to him!) He does test us (a lot) to see if this Mama and Papa are going to be pushovers, but what kid doesn't!



A few picts from the last couple days:

Our handsome little guy in his "boys" clothes!!


Leaving the Orphanage:


Building towers (empty water bottles from our stay here) with Papa


Do these shoes make my feet look fat?


At the playground!

January 15, 2010 Day 32

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It's Duane today writing the blog.


Laura has had a very very busy day with Daniel. I was out for most of the day running between the various offices to get the passport work complete. Laura had her hands full.


Today was our first full day with Daniel, and I would like to emphasize FULL day. Daniel is a very inquisitive fella. Daniel slept the night straight through; we must have tired him out the day before. He slept in till about 8 am. (Laura hopes this will be his routine). Once Daniel was up, he proceeded to go through every cupboard, closet, oven, etc.. oh and also turn every light on / off many times too.


I left the apartment at about 9:30 to meet our driver Vadim who then drove and picked up Slava. We then headed on to the Passport office to drop off / pick up some paper work. Then we were off to another office to get the paperwork legalized (this is not the same as notarize - which we have been to a few times). The legalized documents were then picked up by Vadim before the end of the day and then delivered back to the passport office. If all goes well, we should have the passport by 2 pm Monday. But this is not guaranteed.


I then headed over to the Lufthansa agent to book the airline ticket for Daniel. A one way ticket was about 3 times the price of a round trip ticket (go figure??) so I got the round trip ticket. After,  proceed back to the apartment to find out how Laura and Daniel were doing. I got home just at the time Daniel usually goes down for a nap (1 pm) so I thought it would be nice a quiet. Well…. let’s say he was not ready for his nap. Beside toys, books, vacum, clothing and other items scattered around the apartment, he was operating at full speed. I tried to get him to nap and had no luck either, so we then decided build a tower with all the water bottles we have been collecting over the past few weeks (photo of tower to follow in a future blog – will need Laura to download photo’s from camera). After, we proceeded to the coffee shop to get out for some air and it seemed Daniel was not too fond of the coffee shop. So we quickly gulp our coffee and then headed back to the apartment before we made any more of a scene in the coffee shop.


Dinner went reasonably well, and after dinner Laura gave Daniel and bath and he proceeded to bed .... ah quiet at last.


We hope Daniel sleeps through the night again like last night :)